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Melissa was an only child. Her mother died when she was a just 2 years old in a gruesome amusement park accident. She now lives with her father who has refused to find another wife. Melissa loves her father like any normal girl would. But it was time for her to have another man in her life, and so she did. His name was Bob and she instantly fell for him. They started dating and her father approved of it too.

One day Melissa left from Bob’s house to go home. When she got home, her father surprisingly wasn’t there. She took it as he went somewhere to get something and she went to bed. She woke up and went to her father’s room and he still wasn’t there. Now she was worried. Melissa called Bob to tell him about this. He said her dad will return soon. She calmed down a little. She waited and waited for her father to come back. She couldn't stay in the house alone so she crashed at Bob’s house. It had been 2 weeks since he went missing and Melissa was very scared now. She left Bob’s house to go look for her father. She went to the police station first to report the problem and was told this type of case wasn’t new. That is was best for her to go back home and let them handle the case. Melissa reluctantly did so. She went back to Bob’s home and called him to tell him about what the police said but he didn't pick up. This wasn’t normal of Bob. Melissa began panicking when Bob didn’t return that night. She went to bed crying. Another 2 weeks passed and Melissa was angry. She printed up missing person posters of her dad and boyfriend Bob. After this, she went back to her father’s house.

Something wasn’t right, the house was clean like she never left in the first place. Melissa went around the house as if having a nostalgic moment. She went over to her dad’s room and reminisced over a picture of her and her dad when she was younger.

She started crying. As Melissa was about to leave the house, her phone rang. She eagerly picked it up, but it wasn't her dad or Bob, it was the voice of a woman clearly in pain telling her to visit a location and help her before the call cut off. Melissa wondered where the whoever called her got her number from because only her dad, Bob, and some friends had it and even they didn’t need to call her most times. Which led her to believe the caller got it from either Bob or her dad.
She raced over to the location, it was an abandoned factory with the mutilated bodies of people everywhere. Melissa disgusted by this. She quickly cited Bob’s phone and she also heard the woman that called her scream at her. Melissa approached her and the woman with her dying breath said: “You were too late”. Melissa was scared and confused. Before she could turn around and run, she was struck in the back with a shovel.

 Melissa fell to the ground paralyzed by pain.

“Ugh now we have to dig an extra grave,” said one of them

Melissa instantly recognized the voices but before she could do anything, she was beaten and mutilated by them with the last words she heard before dying being

 “Oh my girl, we had such hope for you”


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