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The Hole

There was once a town. With lovable people who had outright nice hospitality. One day, a very strange occurrence happened. A hole appeared on the ground in the middle of the town. People mistook it for some little sinkhole problem. On that same day, a woman reported her son missing. The police said they were on the case. The next day, things got stranger; the hole kept increasing in size and more people kept disappearing. People where worried. Conspiracy theories started springing up that it was the rapture occurring and logically everyone attributed this to the hole, some even began worshipping it.
Some became so fanatical about it that they sacrificed their children to the hole. Dumping them into its infinite abyss to die and suffer as they fall forever. This kept happening and happening. The police didn't know what to do so they declared every person missing as dead. Then on a very special day something happened, the hole disappeared and everyone​ missing returned but not the same (can't say the same for the kids that were dumped in forcefully), they all had severe mental illnesses, with brutal scars and injuries on their bodies as if they were beaten up by an otherworldly force. Sadly enough, the town was back to normal.
The very next day, the town was empty. Coffee machines overspilling, toasters burning, microwaves beeping, irons burning clothes. The town was dead, except for one man. He worked at the police station and had little understanding of the hole phenomenon.
He didn't understand what was happening and took it that everyone had gone out. After a few days, he started getting scared and called for help but no one answered.
Few days later, the military arrived at the town only to find this man. After some questioning, they insisted on taking him in. He didn't agree. Suddenly a great gust of wind pushed the soldiers backwards, a severe force was felt crushing them to a pulp as they all screamed in agony and their bodies forcefully flung into the air. The hole reappeared covering up the entire town. The man broke down crying and said - "It happened again. Why can't I stop doing this?"


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