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It won't hurt

He got the tools. Nothing special, he didn't even get gloves. Just a blade with the handle, not a dagger though. A knife, a 7 inch blade, serrated edge, that was going to make it messy, but he didn't mind. It's not meant to be an art or a ritual, not meant to be enjoyed, he said. Quick and purposeful.
The man got home, with his tools, to meet his son, his only child. The man's wife was out of town for the week, so he would have no interference. He got to his room and set the alarm for midnight. Before he drifted off to sleep, he saw his son's toy truck at the corner of the room. The one he got for his sixth birthday - his last birthday
His last...
"Morning, daddy" was the first thing the man heard when he woke up.
He opened his eyes to see his son smiling at him.
"what are you doing?" he tried to ask, but his mouth felt numb. That's when he realized that he couldn't move, his entire body felt numb, splayed out on his bed .
"shhh" the boy says. And the man sees what the boy is holding - 2 long needles and a hammer. The boy takes one of the needles and brings it to the edge of his eye. "don't worry, dad. It won't hurt" he says, bringing the hammer up "but it will be painful" as he brings it down.
The needle goes in. The man screams. A single drop of blood rolls out from the edge of his eye, followed by tears. "please, please, please" the man whispers desperately, tears and blood streaming down his face as the boy gets a pair of scissors and uses his free hand to lift up one of the man's eyelids.
"PLEASE!!! PLEAAASSSE!! GOD NO!!" He screams his throat raw as his body jerks spasmodically.
The boy pauses "God?" he says, looking curiously at his father. "God isn't going to save you now" as he snips the eyelid neatly off.
The boy seems undisturbed by the screams. "I want you to see this, daddy" he whispers in a sullen voice.
He gets a slightly larger pair of scissors and takes hold of the man's lower lip. The man does beg anymore, but his breathing is ragged, still fighting to break whatever holds him. The boy starts at the right edge, cutting slowly, watching his father's face. The man is sobbing freely now, watching the boy with his one good eye while his other mutilated eye remains transfixed in place. The boy gets to the end of the lip and continues. Cutting from the end of his mouth through his cheek up to his ear. He does the same for the other side.
The man's body visibly trembles and he utters a long mournful howl from the back of his throat. The boy doesn't seem to mind but tears are welling up in his eyes. "you have to open your teeth" he whispers, seemingly agitated. His father's teeth remains clenched. "Open your teeth" he repeats, harsher this time. Drops of tears flowing from his eyes. He grabs the long needle. "OPEN YOUR TEETH!!!" he screams, tears flowing down his cheeks as he plunges the needle down into his gums, repeatedly stabbing the gums. Ignoring the loud guttural sounds coming from his father as he puts the needle at the end of his lower gum and forcefully runs it through to the other end, leaving behind a bloody mess of teeth blood and saliva. He's breathing heavily, but he stops noticing that the teeth don't obstruct him anymore. He grabs the scissors and shoves it down, ditching his original plan. He brings it up and shoves it down again, repeatedly with more force each time , until his mouth is just a shredded mass of flesh, saliva and blood.
The boy waits for the body to stop convulsing. He gets off the bed, goes to the bedside table and gets a tool from the drawer -  A knife, a 7 inch blade, serrated edge. He shows it to his father "This was meant to be used on me, wasn't it?" he asks, not expecting an answer.
He climbs on top of the bed and put the knife to his father's throat
The man's breathing gets faster. He uses the knife to draw a line down to just below his navel - just a surface cut.
" I love you daddy " as he plunges the knife in.


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